Chip n’ Wich Already Being Closed and Replaced

A restaurant that brought a lot of buzz to Midland and the Midland Mall two summers ago has already closed. Chip n’ Wich was brought to Midland in the summer of 2013 after winning Food Court Wars, a   on the Food Network, but has closed its stand in the Midland Mall.

The restaurant featured sandwiches with a few different flavors of potato chips in them. They also featured Faygo pop and ice floats with that pop. The food originally seemed new and interesting, unfortunately the idea didn’t last and the restaurant has closed in the food court already.

Owners believe the sandwich shop was simply “too gourmet” for the mall setting.

After Chip n’ Wich  closed, Midland Mall General Manager Dan Irvin announced that new restaurant Zitoon Mediterranean Food would be opening where Chip-n-Wich was. Zitoon opened recently, in mid-September.

This restaurant will be another restaurant not associated with a large corporation that will enter the Midland Mall. Many restaurants like this have struggled to stay in business, but Zitoon looks to break that trend. The Mediterranean food will bring a new kind of taste and flavor to the Midland Mall food court.

“I actually really liked Chip n’ Wich,” junior Josh Riepma said. “It just wasn’t the right fit for the mall. I haven’t tried Zitoon yet, but I’m interested to see how it compares.”

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