Charging into fall fashion


When people think of a fashion show, they usually think of glamour, flashing lights, and models wearing clothes so expensive an average student couldn’t dream of affording them. The fall fashion show at DHS is different. While the show put on by the Charger Shoppe still has flashing lights, it features spirit wear that the average student and their parents can afford. This is the second year it is being put on by business teacher Melissa DeBoer and her classes, and she hopes it will be a success.

Although the Charger Shoppe benefits from the sales the show promotes, the best part about the show is how it raises school spirit.

“We do it to get kids excited for the big game,” DeBoer said.

The show is done the day before the assembly to get students spirited, and features many items that they or their family can show off during the game.

“It really helps show off the things that some people don’t even know we sell,” DeBoer said.

While the prom fashion show in the spring is more widely known about, DeBoer enjoys the newer fall fashion show because of the spirit it excites and also how fun it is for her students.

“It’s extremely fun for the students involved because it’s more of a spontaneous show,” DeBoer said. “It’s not as professional as the prom fashion show, but it’s just as fun.”

Students interested in seeing what all the Charger Shoppe has to offer can come to the fashion show on Thursday, Oct. 23 during both lunches.

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