NHS Announces Blood Drive

There are many new and exciting ways to get involved within the community and get some service hours with the National Honor Society. NHS just held their first meeting to start the new year on Sept. 11, where they informed their new inductees as well as probationary members about upcoming events. The board of NHS introduced themselves as well as the chairs for the blood drive.

“I wanted to be a blood drive chair because I knew it would be a good way to see if I wanted to pursue a career in the medical field,” blood drive chair senior Amy Sklenar said.

As well as offering volunteering opportunities, the board also informed students the first turn-in for hours is Oct. 31. That date is also the first of the four blood drives NHS does at DHS every year. All the blood drive chairs will be in costume and the whole drive will have a festive Halloween theme.

“You save three lives and [the blood drive] is a great way to help out the community,” Sklenar said. “The other chairs and I are hoping for a big turnout this year.”

There are many benefits to participating in the blood drive.

“Every person that donates gets to save lives but the real perk in participating in the blood drive is getting out of class and you get free cookies and juice,” junior blood drive chair junior Cayetano Wagner said.

Students at DHS can either sign up beforehand in front of the office at both lunches or you can find one of the blood drive chairs or walk-ins are welcome as well.

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