Crocs make a comeback

Within the last few years, Crocs have been looked upon as a fad that was past its glory days. However, these comfy clogs have been popping up everywhere, including the halls of DHS. At first, those who wore Crocs were somewhat ridiculed.

“At first people made fun of me for wearing them, but I liked them, so I wore them anyways,” senior Caroline Cifrulak said. “Now they’re all buying their own pair.”

The reason Cifrulak loves Crocs is because they’re so practical, and she can slide them on without her feet feeling suffocated. She also likes that they act as a conversation piece as others always notice them and comment when she wears them.

“Any place, any weather, any occasion, they’re my adventure shoes,” Cifrulak said.

Crocs are extremely versatile in that there are over 250 styles offered, and the brand even offers flip-flop and heel styles. Crocs can also be personalized with Jibbitz shoe charms, for which there are thousands of options.

“I like Crocs because they’re comfy and stylish,” sophomore Carsyn Krueger said. “They’re really convenient and they go with everything.”

While this trend is still in its infant stage, expect to see Crocs in the future. These shoes place an emphasis on comfort, which is something that is often forgotten in the pursuit of style. With Crocs, students can have both. To jump ahead on this trend, order a pair of crocs here.

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