JV Girls Lacrosse Wraps Up Season

As spring rolls into summer, the JV girls lacrosse team wrapped up their season last week with a win. Although the team has won almost every game they have played, the importance of teamwork and friendship is put before the importance of winning.

DHS junior Ashley Elfawal, a member of the JV girls team, recounted her favorite memories and the excitement of being able to play the game she loves.

“My favorite part is being with my teammates, because we’re all pretty close with each other,” Elfawal said. “It’s really fun because we’re focused on winning, but we bond as a team, too. If you’re looking for something fun to do in the spring, it’s also a great way to stay active and meet new people in a fun way.”

The team, which is made up of girls from both Midland High and Dow High, forgets their differences and comes together to play as one. The girls also express the importance of making sure everyone feels accepted and supported.

DHS freshman Lauren McLean, also a member of the JV girls team, discussed how her first year of high school lacrosse was a valuable one.

“My favorite thing is just being with the team,” McLean said. “They support me so much. We are all there to have fun, but we win, too, and that’s always fun. Even if I screw up during the game, I know that they are all still there for me.”

McLean also adds that one of her favorite things about the sport itself is how unique it is.

“It’s a really fun game,” McLean said. “Some people haven’t even heard of it or don’t understand how it’s played. It’s definitely a running game, so you have to be in shape, too.”

Regardless of the reasons to play lacrosse, girls from MHS and DHS join as one when springtime rolls around to enjoy playing their favorite game and being with teammates.

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