Opening day kicks off Loons season

Not too long ago, on April 8 the local baseball team of Midland, the Great Lakes Loons, started their home games with an opener in downtown Midland. Game time was aimed for about 6:05 p.m., and the temperature would hover around a somewhat comfortable 50 degrees. While it has been warmer in recent years, the temperature easily beats the frigid inaugural game where temperatures dipped into the 30s. However, it took some effort to make sure the field was in tip top shape.

With a slow start to spring, important factors like the healthy grass came into play. In fact the grass was still the dark brown tint it usually is after recently escaping the clutches of winter. The grounds keepers of The Loons had no choice but to actually paint the grass. A feat that is not usually accomplished. After painting the logo and raking the infield the Dow Diamond was looking brighter and ready for the eager fans waiting to enter.

“Although it’s pretty chilly out, I can’t wait to stop by the game” senior Jackson Worsley said.

It seems many fans are ready for the exciting season to start, but also for the temperatures to keep rising. A problem that managers of the Loons always have in their mind is attendance. Will the chilly temperatures keep fans out? Especially with the design of the sun setting behind the Press Box of the stadium, the temperatures will drop fast especially if the wind picks up. It’s definitely a concern but with such a great fan base confidence is up in the area of fans making the trip.

While temperatures could keep some people away, the Loons offer many exciting features that attract many people. From great food and tons of children’s activities to pure love of the game, locals and other Michiganders alike will find their way to the beautiful Dow Diamond. Maybe it isn’t the grandest of stadiums or greatest selection of talent, however, it is good family fun that allows everyone who comes an opportunity to get away from the world, even if it’s just for a few hours.

“I remember my first game at Dow Diamond, it was exciting and interesting. Since then I try to come back to multiple games a season” Senior Mason White said.

White is a prime example of someone who doesn’t play baseball or really even follows it, but still enjoys to come to at least one Loons game a year.

All of Midland has the opportunity to go to a game and have some fun with tickets starting at around $6. It’s an opportunity not being taken advantage of, as many cities in Michigan or even the United States do not have the privilege of a minor league baseball team. So if time is a concern or maybe even price, all should try to make it to a game this year no matter the issue. Maybe even put the cell phone down for a few innings and have some good old American fun.

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