Spring break hot spots

When it comes to spring break, people tend to be looking for the same thing: warm weather, beaches and cold drinks. Whether it is south of the border or in “The Sunshine State”, people want to get away from the troubles that come with snow and cold.

“I just want to lather myself up with oil and lay on the beach until I’m golden brown,” junior Alec Marty said.

Two words come to mind when people are looking for the hottest spots to be during spring break. All inclusive. Now it’s not just for the college students looking to booze for a week straight. An all-inclusive resort can also be a fantastic spot for a family.  All inclusive can also mean a nice virgin margarita while sitting with the family down by the beach. All inclusive can mean the most refreshing glass of ice water while laying out at the pool. One could even enjoy a nice friendly game of beach volleyball with the rest of their family.

With a mix of both family and college fun, South Padre Island comes near the top of the list. Located at the tip of Texas no passport trouble is needed to reach this spring break destination. However, those that don’t like getting wet shouldn’t go to South Padre Island. In one trip, someone can find themselves fishing, boating, diving, surfing, kiteboarding or even just going for a swim.

Those who loves to participate in outdoor activities should consider The Bahamas.  At a surface level one might think The Bahamas is a place to just lay out and enjoy piña coladas but there is an extremely expansive plethora of activities to do. Whether it’s the historic attractions or plentiful market places, there’s a little something for everybody. Some great activities available in the The Bahamas is scuba diving and swimming with dolphins. On Grand Bahama Island, swimming with the dolphins is one of the most popular attractions for families on spring break. As far as scuba diving, Lucayan Park is the place to be. It is one of the three national parks in The Bahamas and it is where the majority of scuba diving fanatics go.

Puerto Vallarta is as far as one can go if they want to mix sophistication with a spring break experience. This hot spot is known for fine dining and a gorgeous oceanfront, which just happens to be one of the most famous in Mexico. People flock to this small town atmosphere seeking out a salsa beat nightclub or relaxing refreshment on the beach. Maybe not as hip as  downtown South Beach during the month of March, but it will for sure leave a lasting memory in those who attend heads.

Lastly, one can finish their look for a perfect vacation in the heart of The Caribbean. The birthplace of reggae. The place full of all-inclusive resorts. This place, of course, being Jamaica. When it comes to activities the list is absolutely endless in Jamaica. There are different regions to the island and each region is unique in its accommodations. Negril is most famous for their popular beaches and upscale lodgings. For the sportsman, Montego Bay is a place most famous for golf. Finally Ocho Rios is going to appeal to the adventurous. There is always great surfing or one could find themselves hiking along the Blue Mountains. Jamaica is a great place to go have a memorable spring break experience that one should seriously consider it this upcoming vacation season.


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