Inside the rivalry games

Going into both the girls and boys varsity basketball games, the average fan had to have noticed the electricity that surrounded the gym. Every year this Midland vs. Dow cross town rivalry packs the stands and makes the front page.

Unlike other years, the student sections filled up along with the rest of the stands even before the girls game started.

“It was nice to see the freshmen come out of their caves and show up,”  junior point guard Alec Marty said.

People of all ages from DHS wanted to come support their Lady Chargers as they battled against the Chemics.

The Lady Chargers controlled the entire game and it seemed as if they were going to walk away glorious. No one on the team stood out over the rest because everyone represented so well. Junior Jenna Queary had nine points and six rebounds, while freshman Ellie Taylor had seven points and seven rebounds. DHS had even managed to maintain a double digit lead late into the third quarter.

A late game charge led by senior Chemic Jessica Walters, propelled them into a close win at the very end. She combined some outside shooting with great drives and passing in the paint. Both teams composed themselves very well and had played just the same. The intensity they brought made the entire game just as lively as the stands.

The girls still have a chance to have a head turning season. They are most likely going to districts which is where they can prove themselves once again. The Lady Chargers are now 12-2 overall. The season isn’t over and one loss will not bring down this Lady Chargers team, whom have already had so much success.

When it comes to the boys’ game it seemed impossible for the game to be more exciting than the girls’. Right after the girls’ game ended, the stands became even more jam packed then they were before. The student section became even louder and it was setting up to be a game that neither of the teams would ever forget. Just the fact alone that the freshmen were there made the school spirit apparent throughout the gym.

During the entire boys’ game, both teams were nipping at each others heels. The intensity of the game was measured by how much both teams weren’t willing to give up. Dow’s Evan Marquardt scored 22 points and had eight rebounds. Midland High’s student section would even chant Marquardt’s name to egg him on. Marquardt’s great performance combined with great defense from the entire DHS squad led the Dow High boys to victory over the Midland Chemics.

Any win of this magnitude will propel a team to a higher confidence. The Dow High boys have a tough game on Feb. 6 versus Saginaw High. The confidence from a rivalry win of this caliber will definitely help their mind set. The Chargers improved to 7-6 overall.

Overall both the boys’ and girls’ games were great turnouts. There was an outstanding crowd representing both teams and tremendous school spirit was shown. No matter what sport it is, it’s always nice to see that Midland cares so much about its events. It has to make any Charger or Chemic feel proud about the city of Midland.

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