New frozen yogurt bar provides a “berry” good experience

Two rhyming words are making a statement for the Midland community. CherryBerry, the new downtown-proud yogurt bar, offers a variety of frozen yogurt flavors and toppings. CherryBerry had its grand opening late this summer, providing a new activity to do downtown.

“It’s right downtown in the center of everything,” senior Cat Harris said.

Cherry limeade, Rocky Road, Pink Lemonade Sorbet, Java Carmel Greek, the list goes on with over 50 flavors changed two to three times a month. They accommodate every dietary need by offering dairy-free and gluten-free flavors, as well as a wide selection of toppings and syrups to top it off.

CherryBerry isn’t a typical dessert shop in that there aren’t individual prices for different creations. Instead, simply grab a cup, select a flavor (or several), add some toppings and then place the creation on the scale. CherryBerry doesn’t offer sizes; they charge based on the weight of each individual cup of yogurt for just 46 cents per ounce.

The frozen yogurt bar has made an effort to offer a warm and inviting atmosphere. The paint on the walls, the comfortable couches offered and the hospitality from the employees all play a role. Greetings of “Welcome to CherryBerry!” can be heard when entering the lobby.

“I love that it’s so bright and colorful,” senior Alexis Bearinger said. “[The employees] are always so inviting there.”

It seems that not only customers are appreciating the environment that CherryBerry has brought to Midland, but the employees enjoy it as well.

“[What I like best about working there is] probably the people I’ve met since I’ve started,” employee Meghann Hale said. “Some of the customers make me realize how wonderful the world can really be and my coworkers have truly brought out the best sides of me.”

Frozen yogurt can be an ideal alternative for less-healthy options. Many diet regulations even give the okay for frozen yogurt consumption. It resembles a sherbet consistency rather than thick ice cream and doesn’t give the feeling of being overly full.

“It’s a light and delicious snack that reminds me of summertime,” Harris said.

Offering a delicious snack and a place to hang with friends, CherryBerry has proven to be an inviting establishment and a unique addition to the Midland community.

“The whole store is a wonderful, friendly, upbeat environment,” Hale said. “I wouldn’t trade away any of the experiences I’ve had at CherryBerry.”

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