Local market LaLonde’s provides lobsters to the community

There are still many questions under the sea that are left unanswered. With humans already making it to the moon it is curious why there are places still untouched by humans in the ocean. A recent mystery still unclear to experts is that of the recent spike in lobster frequency especially on the northern east coast in states such as Maine. It’s hard to believe that a food that is usually one of the most expensive items on the menu is dropping to a cheaper option. An aspect of the population increase is that it is even effecting the prices and frequency of these crustaceans in more central states like Michigan, far away from any ocean.

“We have 1,500 east coast lobsters coming in and we will be boiling them for customers to buy,” Emily, an organizer for the lobster boil at LaLonde’s, said.

The local market, LaLonde’s, decided to take advantage of the price drop in lobsters and had their own lobster boil. This lobster boil, dubbed “Claws for a Cause”, was not only a perfect opportunity for locals to try succulent lobster but also to help the community. The proceeds of the event went towards funding the Midland County Emergency Food Pantry Network (EFPN). With the cheap prices, delicious lobster and helping the community it was a great opportunity for Midland residents.

The lobster boil took place last Saturday, Sept. 28. Armed and ready with 1,500 lobsters, LaLonde’s delivered a precision strike to Mid-Michigan taste buds. Customers purchased live lobsters for $11.00 and boiled lobsters for $12.00. In addition to the low prices, another factor contributed to the success of the event. Many high school students attended homecoming which left  parents with a much deserved night off. Many of these parents took advantage of the opportunity and enjoyed a wonderful night eating shellfish among good company.

The phenomenon that is the plethora of lobster on the east coast may never be explained. However, what the local market, LaLonde’s, did for the community can. They took it upon themselves and used their resources to help out their local community through the EFPN. The event can be summed up with the words of Jim Nigro, the president of the Noon Rotary Club, as well as a patron of the LaLonde’s lobster boil.

“Whole Maine lobsters made for a whole bunch of fun,” Nigro said.

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