Equestrian Team rides to States

Over the weekend, the DHS Equestrian Team participated in the Michigan Interscholastic Horse Association (MIHA) Regional competition.

The team beat their second place adversary, Bullock Creek High School, by 130 points. Bullock Creek had beaten the DHS team in the earlier District competitions, however DHS pulled through and made a comeback.

“Our team has worked very hard and put in many hours of practice,” junior Allee Schumacher said. “Overall, the weekend was very fun and brought us closer together as a team.”

The team is looking forward to the experience of competing at States on Oct. 10-13. States is the final competition in MIHA and this will be the team’s third year straight going.

There are many different aspects of the competition that take place. Participants can choose from a variety of classes, or different tests of riding ability. Classes include Showmanship, Equitation, Equitation over Fences, pattern classes and speed classes. Each rider has their own specialty and may perform in a plethora of different classes.

“I thought even though most of us rode in separate events, our whole team worked together amazingly to do as well as we did [at Regionals],” junior Matt Allsop said. “I’m proud of our team, coaches and, of course, our horses.”

The DHS Equestrian Team poses with their banner after they are announced Regional Champions for the A division.
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