A one-way ticket to Mars

Sarah York

Space travel for everyday citizens has always seemed like an improbable thought. Citizens going beyond the stars in a rocket ship will soon be possible for anyone who volunteers to go aboard Mars One; a ship with a one way destination. In the year 2022, Mars One will be taking four volunteer astronauts on the journey of a lifetime. These select passengers are expected to arrive in the year 2023. However, this trip is meant to be a one-way ticket. This means that whoever does decide to go up in the rocket ship will spend the rest of their lives on the red planet.

Despite what some would think, there are very little requirements necessary for the journey. All the participant needs to have is problem-solving skills, be healthy, have a good mind set, and be at least 18 years of age when signing up. This means that the team of four people on the first mission to Mars will be 28 or older when it takes place. There will also be eight necessary years of training before the selected volunteers are actually sent to Mars.

Having a civilization on Mars is becoming closer and closer to a reality. Even though only four people will start off the expedition, more people will be able to live there in the future.

Traveling through space has always been a distant thought. Nobody would have guessed that one day people might actually be living there, regardless of the little information we actually have about space in general. If Mars One actually blasts off, this will be the first time people will live on this planet.

Although space travel has always been intriguing to me, I don’t see the point in going to Mars. We have very little information about space, let alone the other planets. This mission could either end up being a triumph or a major failure. 

I also don’t think it would be worth it to go through eight years of training. If whoever signs up is 18 at the time they sign up, this means they would be 26 by the time their training is complete. They would be spending such a long period of time devoting themselves to one trip.

Even though it would be cool to live on another planet in the future, I would wait until there’s actually a settlement on it that has been functioning correctly for a few years. This way, I would know it’s safe to live in a place that’s infinity and beyond.

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Sarah York

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