Charger Rally held for cross country’s state finals runners

Cross country runners from the girls and boys team received a Charger rally send off as they prepared to attend the State competition.
Photo by Teisha Wallace

Nine DHS cross country students paraded the halls for a Charger Rally on Nov. 2. These students include junior Kallisse Dent, junior Jordan Storer, senior Ashley Burr, sophomore Elizabeth Burr, senior Kayla Contardi, freshman Elizabeth Hoffman, sophomore Robyn Young, freshman Alycia Horny and senior Clayton Gould. The rally was held to recognize the student’s upcoming involvement in the states nationals meet. The meet is taking place at an old Nascar race track near Ann Arbor.

In order to qualify for state nationals, a runner would need to either have to meet a certain qualifying time or they would have to be on a team that was one of the top two teams that competed at regionals.

“The girl’s team all qualified as a team because we got second place and Clayton Gould qualified by his time,” freshman cross country runner Bailey Flint said.

All of the participants will compete in a 5K in the state finals meet. The event will take place all day on Nov. 3.

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