Lions: Looking Ahead To the Playoffs

Coming off the Detroit Lions first winning record since 2000, the Lions were looking for a fast start to make it back to back years in the playoffs for the first time since the 1994 -1995 seasons.  The Lions started off week one strong with a win against the St. Louis Rams by a score of 27-23.  The Lions stars all played exceptional: Matt Stafford threw for over 350 yards; Calvin Johnson had 111 receiving yards, and the Lions dominant defensive line recorded four sacks on the game. The Lions had a strong season ahead of them, until the next few weeks came across. 

The Lions played their next three games against the San Francisco 49ers, Tennessee Titans and the Minnesota Vikings. These three games turned the Lions season around as they lost all of them by a single possession and devastated many fans and the excitement they had for the playoffs. After that rough patch in their season, the Lions came back to win two of their last three to make their record almost even at 3-4.  There is still a long season to go and with the Lions playing their division rivals four more times there is still hope for the playoffs and possibly a Super Bowl ring.  The Lions have been plagued by injuries just about every year.  With their secondary depleted, losing one of their best wide receivers in Nate Burleson, and having inexperienced running backs, the Lions are in trouble and desperate for some talent. 

There are rumors that the Lions might acquire wide receiver Dwayne Bowe who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs.  Bowe playing along with Johnson would be a huge advantage on opponent’s defenses as they are both at the top of their game and very athletic and talented.  There are also rumors that the Lions might receive Deangelo Williams from the Carolina Panthers. Deangelo run a 4.4 second 40 yard dash and is an explosive runner that the Lions could benefit from having.  If the Lions were to get both of these players they will compete highly for a playoff spot and a Super Bowl ring.  The Lions have been working harder in practice and games to not be implementing self-inflicted wounds by having so many penalties. In the last couple games it’s paid off. 

The Lions need to stay working hard off the field so they don’t commit as many penalties and get some acquisitions to help them out through trades of free agents so they will be set for the playoff picture.

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Drew Cassiday

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