Softball gets an early start

By Logan Holman
staff writer

Being an athlete means being in shape and ready for the season, especially if it’s a tryout sport. DHS softball is allowing its players to do just that. Ever since Dec. 6, math teacher and varsity coach Jason Gehoski has been holding non-mandatory conditioning and hitting workouts.

“Out of season Michigan High School Athletic Association [MHSAA] only allows me four people at a time when a coach is present and we always follow the rules,” Gehoski said.

The conditionings are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the hitting is on Tuesday.

“It [the workouts] get you in shape and not a lot of people do a lot of stuff before a season,” sophomore Casey Adair said.

“And two it gets you closer to everybody.”

Gehoski makes sure that anyone thinking about playing has an equal opportunity as his recent players to come and get some training in.

“They are open to anybody.” Gehoski said. “So even if it’s to the fact if it’s someone who thinks they want to play can come and hit and come and workout.

Going to these tryouts can help players get in shape and sharpen up their skills. Although these practices aren’t mandatory, the players hope and expect other players to try to better themselves.

Not going to these workouts or how well players do in theses workouts will not affect their chances of making the team.

“These have absolutely nothing to do with tryouts.” Gehoski said. “And anything that happens during these preseason workouts are not considered for tryout time.”

Some players admit that they most likely wouldn’t be preparing this early if it wasn’t for these workouts.

“I probably wouldn’t train on my own,” Adair said. “It has pushed me to do more outside of the training like go to Baseball Heaven.”

The goal of these workouts however is a little different.

“The hitting times are just to get into some shape and start hitting so they don’t have to go spend money anywhere,” Gehoski said.

Surprisingly Gehoski isn’t the only one trying to set up these preseason workouts.

“One it’s always good to start preseason early,” Gehoski said. “Two, the girls request it.”

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