Colleges visit DHS

By Olivia Swartz
staff writer

Becoming an upperclassman has its perks, but with this comes a lot of responsibility of becoming a young adult. Junior and senior year brings decision making and scoping out colleges that students are interested in.

To help with this process, DHS has multiple different colleges visit each month to talk with students during the school day about what they have to offer.

“I had never been to the college campus [Michigan State] before so it gave me insight on that,” senior Alexa Meier said.

Usually lasting about an hour, representatives from the colleges are open to any questions the students are wondering about.

“They answered all the questions I had, it really helped me gain information” Meier said.
Scholarships as well as student loans that are available are another major aspect of these presentations. But typically the major concentration of them is the application process and expected high school performance level for admission.

“The representatives explain what they are looking for in a student, as well as what grade level they would like in a student,” counseling center secretary Kimberly Clarke said.

To attend, a student just has to sign up on a sheet in the counseling center. They are school excused for the hour they miss.

There are some students at DHS who can’t physically go visit the colleges they are interested in. With some universities able to visit DHS, many are provided with an opportunity to get a feel for universities they otherwise wouldn’t have.

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