Drama and debate students put on rummage sale

By Mary Husser
staff writer

On Oct. 8 Ren Fair emcees and students involved in drama and debate put on a rummage sale with the help of director Amy Bushey. Every student was required to work a two hour shift, filling the U-Hall with a variety of items.

“We had clothing, home items, toys, we had pretty much everything including several large items that were donated like beds and bikes,” senior Kate Tonge said.

Tonge is one of several students involved in the debate program at DHS.

The sale was one of the many fundraisers held for speaking society every year. The money went toward the growing expenses of these programs.

“The garage sale is one of our many fundraising activities to raise money for our programs specifically like debate and drama productions. We get a budget of about $4,500 now for all of our programs, and we spend close to $20,000,” director Amy Bushey said. “Our goal is always around $1000-1500.”

The annual garage sale has been around DHS for many years now.

“About 10 or 12 years ago my kids came up with the idea for a garage sale, and it’s been a great way for us to raise money without having to spend money,” Bushey said. “We made money from stuff we would have otherwise had to get rid of.”

But unlike years past, this year came with worries of making enough money.

“Some years we sell a lot of big stuff, but this year I was surprised,” Bushey said. “I thought we would not make our goal because we did not sell big stuff. We normally sell things like couches, beds, things that bring you $50-100. This year, we sold tons of little stuff. It was things like kid’s old toys, and puzzles and household items. It was $2, $1 items, so I was amazed we made our goal of $1,000.”

The items that they did sell made them a total of $1,008.

“It was a win-win for everybody,” Bushey said. “People got their house cleaned out, and we got money for the programs. It was an easy fundraiser, because many hands make little work.”

After the sale, the nine or 10 truckloads of items that weren’t sold were taken to the Salvation Army and donated.

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