Why Facebook’s design changes were unnecessary

By Logan Holman
staff writer

As the biggest social network in the world, Facebook must be doing something right. But apparently founder Mark Zuckerberg has never heard the saying if it’s not broken don’t fix it because he has implemented a controversial new site layout.

“I think Facebook should stay the same and stop changing, it’s confusing,” sophomore Leigha Newton said.

There are so many additions to Facebook that it gets confusing and annoying. They should stick with one version for a long period of time and figure out what the users want and make changes from there.

Maybe this time the website made the right changes, but if they keep changing they are going to end up getting rid of something people really like or add something that ruins the website.

Also, not all people that use Facebook are technological geniuses. They might not know how to work everything or anything that Facebook offers. That was the beauty about the old layout. It was simple, everyone liked it and it was easily workable. With the changes they made recently, junior Alan Corbeille said that it’s so complicated that using the site is no longer enjoyable. But not everyone feels this way.

“It’s nice to have a change once in a while, people always overreact,” junior Patrick Bassett said. “The change isn’t a big deal.”
Even people who aren’t fans of the change like elements of the redesign. An example of a popular feature is the ability to video chat.

However, the majority of students seem to think that if people just took the time to understand the changes, Facebook would actually be a lot less complicated and easier to use and navigate through. Change is definitely a good thing in most cases, but for Facebook to change something that was working for many years is strange. When you have the best of something, you leave it alone. It is stupid to ruin the recipe for a perfect social network website.

Though early response to the change is negative, Mark Zuckerberg is definitely a genius and knows what he is doing. Only time will tell how change will affect the social networking giant that is Facebook.

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