Spanish students celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Students in Brandy Wilk’s Spanish 3A class recently discussed Mexican Independence Day and researched Frida Kahlo as part of their celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. September recognizes the culture, achievements, and contributions that Hispanic Americans have made. The class also made some papel picados, which are decorations used for Independence Day, Day of the Dead, and during Hispanic Heritage Month in Mexico. The students then hung them in the hallway near the Charger Shoppe.

The beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month is also when Mexican Independence Day is celebrated. The celebration starts on Sept. 15 but it is officially celebrated on Sept. 16. It marks Mexico’s freedom from Spain. Miguel Hidalgo y Costallia, also known as Miguel Hidalgo, was a Catholic priest who was the one that started the Mexican revolution on Sept. 16 with a call for revolution which started with “El Grtio de Dolores.” In English it means “The Cry of Dolores” which was the event that triggered the Mexican revolution.

“Miguel Hidalgo is a very important person because he was able to round up people to fight against Spain which led to Mexico getting its independence,” sophomore Ashwin Vemury said. 

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