First assembly scheduled for Friday, Sept. 29 in order to celebrate Homecoming

This year’s Homecoming assembly takes place on Friday, Sept. 29 at the end of the school day. Held in the main Gold Gym, students will sit with their grades while watching the planned performances and activities. The assembly is for all of the staff, students, and administrators to come together in order to build school spirit and enthusiasm for the game that night. 

“Well, [this] being my first year I don’t know that I have expectations other than I want people to have fun and I want it to be a community building event,” Principal Scott Cochran said.

There are many activities lined up for the assembly, a performance by the Pom squad, marching band, and finishing off the festivities with the Charger Fight Song. 

“I don’t want to give away too many spoilers but I know we had some good ideas for some different games to get the student body involved,” Student Leadership adviser Chelsea Berg said.

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