Space Farmers focus on space botany research

The Space Farmers Club is currently working on their experimental trial. Each experimental trial lasts about one month. This year they are experimenting with Misome plants, which are part of the Brassica family. 

During their first trial in October the club focused on growing the Misome plants so they can now analyze the data they got out of it. At the same time they try to figure out what they want to test in their next trial, like changing the amount of light or water a plant gets. 

The overall focus for the club is on stem research and more specifically space botany research. As a part of a program called “Growing beyond Earth” they stay in touch with NASA scientists and conduct plant research based on what the scientists want.

“I joined this club because it teaches you a lot of skills outside of the classroom like presentation skills and data analysis,” sophomore Nimai Patel said.

Every Friday the club meets in room 112 with Junior Margaret Hitt as one of the three leaders. They try to work on different tasks as a group or individually.

The Dow High Space farmer Website



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