Group 4 projects begin in January

The Group 4 project starts up on Jan. 11, 2023, and will resume on the following Wed., Jan. 18, 2023. Science teacher Thomas McNamara leads this project with multiple teachers assisting. This project has happened 15 times prior to this year. The students involved focus on many areas of science including space, a terrarium that raised vegetables, and automotives.

McNamara refers to the IB curriculum as a pie.  There are six slices to it that cover the studies: language and literature, language and acquisition, individuals in society, science, math and arts. The group that is fourth is sciences, thus the name of the project: Group 4.  All 130 science students from Physics, Biology, and Environmental Systems and Societies will be put into groups to participate in the project. 

 “It’s different, we usually try to pick a topic that’s kind of fun and they have a lot of freedom,” McNamara said. 

McNamara along with science teacher Cynthia  Meyer and science teacher Anthony Bauer help lead students in their Group 4 projects.

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