Black Student Alliance plans to volunteer at local elementary school

In February, the Black Student Alliance will volunteer at a local elementary school by reading to the students. 

The presidents of this club, juniors Olivia Horne and T’Emi Oshin, started this club to have a chance to spread their culture. 

“I think that for education, like about racial stereotypes and stuff, it starts at the elementary level,” Horne said. “So I think we’re not really trying to stop it. Now we’re kind of trying like stop it from getting worse.” 

In this club, there is a total of 18 students. It is completely optional to go to any of the meetings or volunteer. Horne said that in order to get their club set up for one of these opportunities, they have to make multiple phone calls and emails to be able to go there. 

 To find more information on the Black Student Alliance, you can go to Bolt Media (Timestamp 7:50)


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