Why online classes are beneficial for students

Depending on the student, online schooling has either been a hit or miss. Online schooling has been a hit or miss with different types of students. However, many high school students can vouch for the fact that there are many pros to online courses.

With exams circling back around this spring, it can be hectic to try and study for each one. However, senior Brooke Swincicki believes that online exams are much easier to get prepared for, as well as having more flexible schedules for due dates.

“Some pros would be how we can retake our exam if we do bad,” Swincicki said. “And also, if we want a break, we can always be a couple days behind in class.” 

Being behind in a class does not mean that the student is failing, all it means is that they need to catch up on their assignments. A positive about the online class homework is the fact that the student can get free time to work on it.

“[Online classes] have a flexible schedule and there’s a variety of classes you can take that aren’t offered in the regular school schedules,” senior Abigail Rogers said.

With online classes, students get to choose from a wide variety of different subjects that actually interest them. The options range from forensics to art classes to medical-related courses.

“Online classes have allowed me to take more classes that cater to my interests and that would help me with the major I want to pursue,” Rogers said.

Students have the opportunity to be able to work in the classroom or to work from the comfort of their own home. Online students find it easier to be able to work on their class work from home because they don’t have distractions that a normal class may have.

“I find it easier to work from home, because of the fact that you can do your assignments without any distractions to distract you from doing your work,” Lambert said. 

Working from home can be less stressful for students to do their weekly assignments. This is because students’ houses are safe places for them to relax and to feel comfortable while learning.

However, some online students still like to work from inside the classroom. This might be because they want to focus on their work rather than being distracted by their TV or electronics. Senior Teagan Bobalek explains why the classroom is a good place to work online.

“I like working in the classroom because there are more materials to use for assignments,” Bobalek said. “But I also like working from home.”

Online classes continue to grow, adding new electives as the years go by. Because of the many options, students are able to fit their schedules to meet their academic interests. These engaging classes allow for students to gain experience about real life jobs or majors for college. Getting the opportunity to take these classes can help students with their career choices. 

There’s tons of other pros to online classes like getting the chance to re-do projects and homework when getting a low score and also getting to do really cool activities. Taking an online class can help students prepare for a college major like veterinary schooling, forensic studies, and even nursing. The choices for different courses are endless, and can help in the long run when it comes to students pursuing potential occupations.

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