Covid Protocols – K-6 Mandate

Diving into the new year, COVID-19 protocols have been adjusted within the district to adapt to the everchanging pandemic. To ensure that the safety of staff and students are the top priority, the K-6 mandate has been put into effect. It was set in place on Aug. 30th of this year after an influx in cases in the past months.

This mandate requires masks being worn at all times when indoors with the exception being at lunch time. Students are allowed the freedom to take off their masks outside, but it is highly recommended to wear one nonetheless. Students who ride the bus are required to wear a mask at all times as well. Masks are provided to those who don’t have one.

“I believe it is a good decision especially since many are under the minimum vaccine age in K-6,” Jefferson sixth-grader Amelia Rogers said.

Seventh graders through seniors are highly encouraged to wear masks, but are not required to. For contact tracing purposes, seating assignments will be given inside the classroom, on the bus, and in the cafeteria.

“A con would be that it wouldn’t be fair to those who already got the vaccine and have to follow these requirements,” senior Leah Lambert said. “Pros are, if you want to wear a mask you can, and if you don’t want to, you don’t have to.”

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