Is Valentine’s Day worth it?

Everyone has their own opinions on Valentine’s Day. Some enjoy the day since it is filled with love and care, but others oppose the holiday since it can remind them of how they may not have anyone to celebrate it with. According to a survey taken by DHS students, more than half of the students surveyed like to celebrate the holiday.

“I know a lot of people don’t like the holiday, but I personally like it and all of the fun things that go along with it,” sophomore Ginny Thomasson said.

Valentine’s Day is a major spending holiday in the US. In 2018, the average American spent $143.56 on their loved ones even though only 55% of the population who actually celebrated the holiday. The overall amount spent was $19.6 billion throughout the country. Should all of this money be spent on a holiday that is supposed to be about love?

“I feel like the holiday is kind of pointless,” sophomore Brianna Konze said. “It’s not necessary because if it is really about love, you should love your family every day, not just on Valentine’s Day.” 

Just like every holiday, there are traditions that are repeated each year. There are a couple of different stories on how the holiday started, but the most popular starts with St. Valentine. During the 14th century, Emperor Claudius II of Rome believed that married men made bad soldiers. Due to this belief he started to ban all marriages. Meanwhile, St. Valentine believed that this new law was unfair, so he started to marry couples in secret. After the Emperor found out these events, he sent St. Valentine to jail and sentenced him to death. During the time St. Valentine fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and he wrote her a “Valentine” to show his love for her. Eventually the saint was put to death on Feb. 14.

After many years, the holiday still goes on. Showing love for others can be expressed through many different ways. The most popular way in the US is to buy someone a card and candy. More than half of those who celebrate choose this way to show their love and appreciation. 

“I usually give some of my friends the same candy and write them little notes for Valentine’s Day,” Thomasson said. 

Valentine’s Day is not just celebrated in the US. In the United Kingdom, it is the tradition to write anonymous Valentines to others. They believe if they sign their name at the end of the card, it is considered bad luck. In Japan, the day is a little different than the US. Women give men gifts, which is usually chocolate. Then on March 14, men return the favor with gifts as well. 

Valentine’s Day is a good way to show love and appreciation for others. However, now the holiday has started to become mostly about material goods and gifts rather than the true meaning of the holiday.  

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