State Rep. Annette Glenn pays visit to DHS

98th District State Representative Annette Glenn paid a visit to DHS on Friday, Jan. 31, 2020. She visited a few classrooms, the new library, and the new science labs alongside principal Ted Davis and superintendent Michael Sharrow. The first stop was social studies teacher Mr. Chambers’ 20th Century World Topics class, where students were given the opportunity to ask Glenn questions. Senior Liam McLeod asked if Glenn has internship opportunities for high school graduates during the summer.

“We have internship opportunities year round,” Glenn said. “They all have an interview process, but I have interns in Lansing all the time. There’s always an open invitation to knock on doors with me, which is something I like to do. I don’t care if you don’t agree with me, just come knock on doors. It’s a great way to know the feelings of your community members.”

The next stop was the updated library, where Sharrow informed Glenn about the recent construction. Between six and seven million dollars was spent on the updates in summer 2019. Out of the 64 heating elements in the building, half were replaced and the other half are due to be replaced in the coming summer. As for the fencing around the outside of the building, the new concrete is being torn up and all of the external windows and doors are being replaced. Sharrow stressed the importance of energy conservation in a building that hasn’t been updated since its fabrication some 50 years ago. 

After the library, the updated science labs were visited. Science teacher Mrs. Meyer gave a short tour of the new biology lab. Glenn was due to visit Woodcrest after DHS, so her visit only lasted about 45 minutes. She said that she was visiting the school in order to learn about and see the new updates.

“It’s an opportunity to have that dialogue,” Sharrow said. “We’re always telling them about what’s going on, but this way they can see what they’re hearing.”

Science teacher Cindy Meyer showcases the updated biology lab for 98th District State Representative Annette Glenn during her visit to DHS.
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