Hockey’s hot streak

DHS hockey has begun the season with a very impressive set of games with only two not swinging the team’s way. The Chargers have started off with strong stands against multiple opponents including their win last Saturday, a 9 to 1 score over the Sault Sainte Marie. The Chargers competed in a matchup the next day with the Alpena Wildcats and came up just short losing 2 to 0.

In goal, Collin Lemanski has been making impressive saves, with 14 saves in their game Friday against Sault Sainte Marie, and 10 in their match with Alpena.

The impressive squad has been led mainly by four seniors: Luke Blasy, Austin Ieuter, Lucas Churchfield, and Alec Newton. In the Sault Ste. Marie game this group of four really shined combining for seven of the nine goals and six assists. If the team continues to show the impressive potential they have been showing the season could end up being a great one.

These recent wins are not only thanks to a lot of the player’s hard work, but also from what the coaches have taught these athletes, and how they prepare them for the games. The coaching staff is an experienced group who have put a lot into the program. Head coach Richard Blasy has been coaching the Chargers for a while now, and has shown that he has what it takes to put the team on the right track to make a good run this year. This team has excited many in the building already and has the belief in the team even stronger.

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