Dimensions of diversity

The Human Library, an event where people of diverse backgrounds gather and share their stories with the community, took place on Oct. 29, 2019 from 5:30-8:30 p.m. This event was hosted at the Holiday Inn in Midland and was meant for people to tear down walls and share heartfelt stories about their lives. Associate Superintendent Penny Miller-Nelson encouraged everyone to attend this function to further understand and enforce the new MPS Inclusion and Diversity Vision, which was set in place this past June. 

The President of the Board of Education, Pamela Singer, was there to support the organization. 

“The Human Library creates a safe place in the community for courageous conversations, where the books, or people telling their stories, are valued,” Singer said in an email interview.

According to Singer, this eye opening event impacted those who came to listen.

“After the event, many people expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to understand and learn about someone different than themselves,” Singer said. “People walked away with awe and respect.” 

At the event, people from all over Midland came to share their stories. From a veteran, to a domestic violence survivor, to a non-binary individual, all stories and topics were diverse and unique in their own way.

“I believe this event creates an opportunity for this shift in our thinking,” Singer said. “I believe the Human Library connects to the MPS Inclusion and Diversity Vision wonderfully.”

Singer thinks this new vision is a great way for students and our community to connect and to better understand not only our differences, but acknowledge our similarities. She strives to make our community and schools more accepting of others to create a better learning environment for everyone. 

“I believe everyone, every student, every staff member, deserves to be their true selves, to be comfortable, safe, feel valued and accepted, to feel like they belong,” Singer said. 

For more information about Human Library, go to https://humanlibrary.org/

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