Working at local businesses

With the amount of Midland’s local businesses, DHS students have many opportunities to work at smaller organizations. Working at a local business is different than working at food chains or larger businesses. Junior Taylor Todd works at Heather n’ Holly, a locally-owned candy store in Downtown Midland.

“The best part [about working] is the people that come in,” Todd said.

Many Midlanders shop at local businesses to support the people in the community. This connection is reflected in the work environment and the relationships between the owner and workers.

“We can just talk about anything,” Todd said. “It’s not just about work.”

When training for the job, locally-owned businesses tend to stay away from online lessons and thick handbooks that larger businesses typically use.

“I shadowed someone and they showed me what to do,” Todd said. “They had me practice transactions and stocking.”

For students interested in working at local businesses, the best methods for communication are visiting the businesses’ websites and going in to speak directly with the owner.

To learn more information on contacting local businesses, visit 

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