Shift to Sao Paulo

On Nov. 19, freshman Santiago Lopez will be moving from Midland, Michigan to Sao Paulo, Brazil. Lopez’s father works for Dow Chemical and has been located in Midland for five years on a contract. In November, the contract will be completed and Lopez will return to Brazil with his family. One thing Lopez is looking forward to is playing soccer in Brazil. 

“I’m excited about soccer because I know that it’s really good in Brazil,” Lopez said.  “When I was a year and a half [old], I went to Brazil, but I don’t remember anything, so it’s going to be a new experience.”

On the other hand, Lopez is nervous to attend a new school and write in another language. Although he can speak Portuguese, the official language of Brazil, he doesn’t know how to write in it. Lopez will miss the friends he made at DHS the most. After high school, he hopes to attend college in either Brazil or Chile.

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