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The Poetry Club had its first meeting on Tuesday, October 8th. Fans of poetry joined teacher Dawn Moulthrop-Brady to unwind and express themselves through verse.

“I really like being able to like, express my thoughts in a way that’s more creative than I am able to speak,” senior Gretel Grossman said. 

The freedom of expression is very important to students who attend poetry club. 

“Because when you have more time to think about what you want to say, then you’ll have more of an ability to turn it into art,” Grossman said.

Poetry can be defined as words that express emotion, used as a way of self expression. 

“I like how you can just like put all your thoughts on paper, and then you don’t really have to worry about them anymore,” sophomore Cassidy Wainwright said.

Every meeting is different. Sometimes students come in and start writing and sometimes guest speakers come in. 

Students who don’t consider themselves poets are still welcome. Meetings are held after seventh hour, every two weeks in Moulthrop-Brady’s room, room 346. 

Gretel Grossman crafts poems in her composition notebook. During poetry club students read popular poems to get inspiration from them to help them write their own. They also dissect songs to find the poetry hidden in them. “Especially the majority of the songs that our scholars like for them to really understand that that actually for the most part is is poetry,” Moulthrop-Brady said. 
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