Three is the magic number

Drama club begins 2019-2020 school year with new leadership

Seniors Lydia Barber, Avery Brown, and Madison Anzarut lead the way as Drama Club’s new presidents. 


“Last year we only had one president,” Barber said. “She had a lot on her plate, so our facilitator, Gina Kearly, decided it would be best to have three presidents this year to share all of the responsibilities.” 


Not only does the Drama Club have three presidents, they also have vice presidents and treasurers to help keep everything running smooth and organized. 


“Anna Stolz and I are co-treasurers, so what we do is organize fundraisers, which is how we get most of our money,” junior Evan Trotter-Wright said. 


For smaller clubs like Drama Club, fundraising can be important. Theater productions can be expensive, so money is a must for success. 


“The Drama Club isn’t as well funded as other parts of the school, so we want to increase ticket sales to bring in more money so we can keep putting on better shows,” Barber said. 


Along with selling more tickets at each show, the club puts on annual fundraisers to be able to fund the shows. 


“We have the Giving Bean fundraiser where we sell coffee to people and we sell ad space in the programs for both shows, and that’s really where we get most of our money from.” Trotter-Wright said. 


The Drama Club will be putting on William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” this autumn. Auditions will be held on Sept. 26 from 4:00-6:30 p.m. at Central Auditorium.

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