Alternatives to guns in school

In 2017, Michigan state legislators introduced a bill to the Senate to provide schools with protection against threats, including school shootings. The bill stated that there would be required safety training for the weapon. Schools, day care centers, stadiums, churches, and college dorms were all covered by this bill. It would have allowed teachers to conceal guns on their person on school grounds to use in case of a legitimate threat.

Although it passed in the Senate, this bill did not pass in the House of Representatives because of the danger of guns on school grounds and the possibility of endangering students.

This year, two new bills are being introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives. State representative Beau LaFave is the sponsor of the bill. This bill states that teachers with proper licensing and training would be able to carry tasers and pepper spray.

LaFave suggested that this would be a solution to impairing a possible attacker in a school without being deadly to any victims or users. Training of the taser would also be necessary. If the bills are passed, it would allow for school districts to be able to decide for themselves if the teachers would be allowed to carry pepper spray or a taser.

In Michigan, it is necessary to have a concealed pistol permit before owning a taser. LaFave’s goal is to make sure that we are putting all of the options on the table to defend Michigan schools, even if it means that teachers carry concealed weapons. The two bills have been submitted to the House Judiciary Committee.

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