Chambers Chorus brings back a division one rating

On May 9. The DHS Chambers Choir went to states at Central Michigan University. At states, they performed three songs “For the Beauty of the Earth”, “the Awakening”, and “Dulaman.” They got a division one rating and were two points from a perfect score. Additionally, they had the best scores of the day. Students said that the experience was amazing.

“[states] was incredible,” sophomore Megan Dastick said, “it’s probably one of the best performances and experiences I’ve ever had with choir I have been in over ten choirs and I’ve never had an experience so amazing as this one.”

She also said that Mrs. Farison, the new Choir director, has helped a lot not only with her but she has helped the whole Choir as she makes them better singers.
“She is amazing,” sophomore Lily Shuster said, “we call her mom literally everyone in the choir either calls her mom or music mom cause she’s so caring and so like involved with each member of the choir. She’ll work with us one-on-one if we need help with the part and she works with the entire group and gives us specific direction on everything that we need to do so that we know were doing it a way that will make us better as singers.”

By: Brandon Norris

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Brandon Norris

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