Chipping away at the cold

Ice Sculpting Competition 2017

Three groups of art classes from DHS spent the school day at the Midland City Forest to create ice sculpture. The City Forest provided slabs of snow for each group of students from schools in the area. The DHS students were from beginners art class, 3D art class, and the IB art class. The plans for the ice sculptures included a dragon, a mermaid, and a hand. Though the temperature was below freezing the students were able to be out working on the ice from eight am until one pm. DHS IB art class won first place for the high school award with their sculpture of a palm of a hand with a bird placed on the top of the index finger. The winning included seniors Nicolas Pereira, Madison Werries, Natalie Laurin, and Spencer Reay.


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Maddy Futter

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