Inducted into the world of NHS

Last week here at DHS, a hand full of students took part in the induction ceremony for NHS. The students that were involved with this ceremony had been in NHS their junior year.

“During the induction all of the members were awarded with certificates and got to listen to a guest speaker speak about the importance and value of NHS,” junior Ellie Taylor said.

The first part in being inducted is to be accepted into NHS during sophomore year.  When a person is accepted into NHS, they must submit an application. Then students have to maintain a high GPA throughout their junior year while completing volunteer hours. If a student can do both, they are then inducted and become an official member of NHS their senior year.

“I personally think that the induction was a nice way to move us up from probationary to full time NHS members. It honored the hours of service that we have already put in and let us look forward to becoming full members of NHS,” Taylor said.

It’s important for NHS members to stay on task and complete their hours as soon as possible.

“Volunteer as much as possible! Due dates for hours can add up really fast as well as it is nice to just be able to get out and help others,” Taylor said.

NHS is an incredible opportunity to work with others and show colleges what you’re made of. It also proves that students can stay involved even with the incredible amount of work they have behind the scenes.

The ceremony took place April 27th in the DHS cafeteria.

To learn more about NHS click here.

By: Anna Blasy

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