A Key leader: Anna Mylvaganam

Many students throughout DHS take pride in their academics, spirit, and sports teams, but there are always those students that go above and beyond for their school and their community.

Junior Anna Mylvaganam is seen by many as an energetic, hardworking student at DHS.  As president of Key Club, her responsibilities include organizing volunteering activities, getting others involved in the community, and volunteering herself all over the city. For Mylvaganam, the experience of getting involved and helping others, began long before Key Club.

In seventh grade Mylvaganam joined STAND, a middle school volunteering program. Here she learned the ins and outs of volunteer work and found her passion for helping others.

“It connects students with each other and the community,” Mylvaganam said. “It’s really easy to connect, especially if you’re into working with younger kids.”

As the president of Key Club, Mylvaganam tries to make the club as open as possible, taking inspirations from former president alumna Kelly DeRees.

“For students not available [after seventh hour] we are often able to meet after sixth hour, or sometimes before school, we’re pretty flexible,” Mylvaganam said. “That’s one of the great things about Key Club, it makes it easy to get access to these opportunities.”

Volunteering opportunities for students include sorting merchandise at organizations such as Shelter House, and school fundraisers. These can be great, easy volunteering jobs for anyone who’s trying to get involved. Key Club is a place where everyone can get involved in their community and find the perfect match for their passion.

By Bo Brueck

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