Winter sports are heating up

When it starts to snow in Michigan, the beginning of the high school winter sports season is right around the corner. Many students participate in winter sports because it offers a way to stay active and in shape indoors while the weather outside is uninviting and harsh. There are plenty of Michigan High School Athletic Association (MSHAA) commissioned winter sports for students to get involved in, and this year in particular there are a number of new players joining DHS’ varsity clubs. Not only are many underclassmen finding their place on their respective sport’s varsity squad, but new players are coming from unexpected sources as well. This season looks to be a cool one. 

By Brad Drenckpohl

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Brad Drenckpohl

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One thought on “Winter sports are heating up

  1. Dave Skrawker November 20, 2015 at 10:47 am

    Hey thats a good story man


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