Teen relationships: how to make them last

Teen dating: a quick embrace in the hall and a peck on the cheek. These relationships often start between friends. Occasionally someone may try and make the first move. New couples pop up weekly in DHS. Many of these relationships have lasted for years.

Getting into a new relationship is not always easy. It may take a while to get used to the idea of having a significant other. For younger relationships, this can be a strange transition. It is not uncommon for younger teens to get teased for being in a relationship.

“When you’re younger, people make fun of you all the time, but they’re just playing around,” senior Justin Cook said.

Cook, who has been in a four-year relationship with senior Alexie Flaminio, understands that starting a new relationship can often be awkward. However, as time goes on, there’s less stress about the commitment.

“Once you get to know the person better, you become more comfortable with them,” Cook said. “Then you don’t have that awkward conversation time.”

Sometimes people have the tendency to rush in relationships. While this may be a normal experience in teens, it’s important to watch how fast the process transpires. Rushing in a relationship can likely end up in failure.

“There’s sometimes peer pressure to get into a relationship,” sophomore Jillian Lew said.

When Lew began dating sophomore Lucas Braganca in eighth grade, some of her friends began getting into relationships as well.

“It kind of felt like everyone was dating just like for dating,” Lew said. “It wasn’t like they were super into them. I think if it starts off like that it ends pretty quickly.”

With today’s social media it can be more likely that relationships will start off at a faster pace. English teacher Dawn Moulthrop understands that while some aspects of relationships are changing, others remain the same.

“I still think some things are common,” Moulthrop said. “You still tend to pay more attention to someone you’re interested in. You tend to pay attention to their interests. I don’t know if you feign interest. You go somewhere where they’re involved in.”

It is important to have similar interests with a significant other. If not, getting along can be more challenging.

“If you aren’t compatible and don’t really have a basis of friendship, it’s really hard to hang out with them,” Lew said.

The one thing to remember is to have fun. It’s typically easier management on a relationship if both individuals take the time to enjoy their company.

“You have a lot in common and you like to do things together,” Cook said. “You can kind of joke around with each other and not get sick of each other.”

Relationships can come and go under the wrong circumstances. However, it is possible for them to last for years. Whether starting a relationship for the first time or being in one right now, it’s always important to look at how well the bond is.

“You need to be comfortable with who you are,” Moulthrop said. “If you are going to be in a relationship with someone, no matter the stage or level of the relationship, you should be able to be who you are in the relationship.”

By Rachel Dembowski

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