ALS walk benefits those that suffer and their families

On Sunday, Oct. 4,  in Emerson Park Midland residents will come to support people battling ALS. DHS students are encouraged to join, as volunteer hours can be gained by signing up through Key Club or NHS, but more importantly to give hope and motivation to those who suffer from ALS.

Volunteer can sign up on the ALS of Michigan website, or by contacting senior Sunny Kim or social studies teacher Amy Bushey. Or, participants can join the walk from 2:00-4:00 pm.

At the event, donations are greatly appreciated.

Bushey explained that offerings provide for support for the people whose families are directly affected by ALS. Bushey’s husband Jonathan recently died as a result of ALS and this year will be the first time she’ll walk by herself.

“This year’s walk will be difficult for me to go to because he won’t be with me,” Amy said.

Although Jonathan won’t be there, Amy knows she’s not alone.

“When the Dow High kids come, it means so much to me because it’s just humbling to see that the kids are so willing to come out and support me,” Amy said.

Not only does the walk support those affected by the disease, but it also raises awareness. There is no cure for ALS yet, but events like the walk can spark motivation and hope.

“The problem with ALS is that there is no hope, it’s terminal,” Amy said. “But seeing everyone come out just makes me feel like I have a bigger family. Before Jonathan passed he said ‘If I pass away don’t worry, those kids will always have your back.’”

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