Schedule mix ups and fix ups

On Aug. 31 a long line of students walked out of the counseling center, with the majority looking for schedule changes. This year, due to a large student enrollment, scheduling conflicts have been more apparent.

Many students requested specific classes but were unable to get them in their schedule because of how rapidly they were filled. Contributing to larger class sizes was an unexpected increase in the school population by 47 students. As a result, students who found they couldn’t get the teacher or course they wanted had to be put into a smaller class or their second course choice. With the dilemma at hand, the staff scheduled in three new classes to accommodate for the demand. An extra hour has been given to Spanish 1, Honors Pre-Calculus, and AP Calculus BC.

Rescheduling mainly affected students’ hours and who their teachers were. Core curriculum was not affected, although some core classes shifted in hours. Instead, electives were the main problem.

Counselor Lori Hallberg saw the trouble of scheduling being caused by too many people signing up for certain electives.

“Mistakes sometimes depends on what classes you were picking,” Hallberg said. “Freshmen didn’t have that many options, since they had to fulfill their core curriculum.”

Some students who quickly noticed schedule changes were able to email their counselors right away. As soon as requests for class changes came in, counselors began working on rescheduling. Senior Nick Sleeper was a student affected by scheduling conflicts.

“I didn’t get the classes that I wanted,” Sleeper said. “I emailed Mr. Bradford and he was able to sort it out for me.”

While the counselors did what they could to change student’s schedules, sometimes the hours could not be changed around.

Hallberg knows how every schedule request has various answers.

“Some students could make changes or wait for an opening, ” Hallberg said. “Unfortunately, some classes couldn’t be changed for students.”

After the first few weeks of school most scheduling issues have been resolved.

By Jerod Javier and Rachel Dembowski

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