iPhone vs. Android

Coke or Pepsi? Vanilla or chocolate? These are questions that are guaranteed to divide a population. While one individual might believe they are right, another one might believe they’re wrong. Although there is no correct answer, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But it seems today’s generation is fixed on a bigger question. Ask a hand full of students to empty their pockets and many, if not all, of these individuals will have a smartphone. Smartphones allow people to access the world’s information within a few seconds. With the popularity of smartphones, there is the constant debate of whether Apple or Android products are better.

Apple, being the first to introduce this concept of combining your computer with your phone, sent the world into a mad craze to get their hands on one of these devices. Now it’s seen as odd if someone doesn’t own an iPhone. But what makes the demand for Apple products so high? The answer to that can be answered in one word: compatibility.

“I find it cool that if I want to show something from my phone onto the TV, I can easily just sync the two devices,” English teacher Brent Chambers said. “Also, if I want to play music through my stereo system that is easy to do as well. Being compatible with many different home devices means it should be relatively user friendly.”

Creating a device that can connect to other devices around your home can create loyal customers. Apple iPhones are so user friendly that it’s not uncommon to see elementary aged children carrying around their own personal device.

Android, on the other hand, released their first smartphone a year and a half after Apple. Although they were a little late to the game, Android has currently sold more devices than Apple. The demand for Android products are higher because of the customization that is available with the wide variety of phones.

“iPhones are a joke,” senior Jack Yarosh said. “I like the variability offered [with Android] so you can make your phone design centered around yourself.”

The more advanced and customizable software that comes with Android phones makes these devices irresistible for many. In an age where differences are embraced, customization is becoming the top priority across the board for these phones. Android has over 18,000 different devices for an individual to choose from. These devices come in all different sizes and shapes. Compare that to Apple who only has seven different devices to choose from, it’s clear that Android has more variability. Due to the complex software that comes with these phones it’s unlikely to see an elementary aged child running around with these devices.

Apple vs. Android will always be a hot topic for debate. Apple does well with integrating a phone to other devices in your house but lacks customization. Android allows one to customize their phone to your personal liking but can overwhelm you with the thousands of choices to choose from.

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