Group IV plans put on hold

The IB science program has been working on a project this year to fully encompass their knowledge in the sciences. Students were placed in interdisciplinary groups and asked to construct an experiment that they would be able to conduct in a weather balloon. From that, the top projects were chosen by a panel of scientists to be carried out. The classes have been working on constructing the balloon’s payload along with determining how to track the balloon. The experiment is almost complete for launch but just a few variables stand in the way. One such variable includes making sure none of the laboratory equipment being used in the experiment gets damaged or lost, along with making sure that the transponder on the balloon works.

“Group four is a great opportunity for all of the science classes to come together and work on one project,” junior Michael Dean said.

Due to the rogue factors that need to be worked out, the science department has decided to reschedule their launch initially planned for Friday, June 5, to early in the 2015-2016 school year.

By Kofi Ofori-Darko

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Kofi Ofori-Darko

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