Student rock bands perform at Big D’s

Citation Needed performs classic rock hits at Big D's Bar and Grill.
The band Citation Needed performs classic rock hits at Big D’s Bar and Grill.

Last Sunday marked the semiannual concert for Mark Shelley’s Rock School program. The program, located in Fulkerson Studios, allows young musicians the chance to perform in a band and further develop their musical skills. Guitarists, bassists, drummers, and vocalists ranging from 6th grade through high school seniors came together to showcase their talents at a performance at Big D’s Bar and Grill.

“It’s really run to be able to play songs that you hear on the radio with a full band,” MHS sophomore Mitch Kent said. “You don’t get that experience just sitting down by yourself with a guitar, bass or drums, and it definitely helps me develop as a musician.”

Kent plays guitar in the band M4, a band which performs songs ranging from Iron Maiden’s heavy rock classic “The Trooper” to alt-rock favorites such as “Scar Tissue” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, as well as System of a Down’s “Hypnotize” complete with all of its intricate harmonies and countering melodies.

“People come because it’s a great way to hear good, live music,” Kent said.

Other bands that performed include Greyhound 6, Citation Needed, and Calm Before the Storm, and also featured a set of original songs singer/songwriter Maddy Day. For more information, visit the Rock School’s Facebook page here.

By Jasmine Purtell

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