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As students are all at home resting in their pajamas, members of the Update staff were still at school working late hours.  Some students were here even as late as 10 pm. It’s production week. However, this month’s issue of Update is a little different. This is the RenFair issue. Staff members have interviewed the emcee’s and give a “behind the scenes” look at Ren Fair. For those Update readers not interested in Ren Fair, there will still be some news stories and opinion articles.

“Half of the paper is RenFair, and it’s like all feature section,” sophomore Olivia Drlik said.

As anyone can imagine, working late nights for production week isn’t always smooth sailing.

“It’s like always a challenge once you get into like Wednesday, Thursday, and you’re there until like 10 p.m.,” Drlik said.

Be sure to pick up this month’s RenFair issue of Update which came out on Mar. 6.

By Lucas Shelton

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Lucas Shelton

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