Students get a sweet chance to help school by selling/buying treats to fund athletics department

The DHS athletics department needs more funds and everyone can help with the solution. Students that attend a physical education class were informed of the chance to sell sweet treats from the Century Rich catalogs and in return they receive prizes. There are two different catalogs, one has candies available and the other sells cookie dough, cheese cakes, etc. Students are expected to sell 15 items each from the catalogs. Orders collected by the students are due March 10. Payment for the orders are not required yet.

“We’re looking to just improve our equipment as much as we possibly can,” physical education teacher Keith Schulte said. “We’re just trying to stay current.”

Anyone can help the schools athletic program prosper especially when treats are received in return.

There are five levels of prizes a student seller can win. If a student sells 15 items they can choose a prize from the first level that includes beginner prizes such as a portable charger and a one pound bag of gummy bears and so on. The more items sold the better the prizes get and the more the student can receive.

“I wanted to help the weight room and gym classes so we could get more equipment,” freshman Alex Ieuter said. “The prizes were nice but I did it for the gym class.”

Ieuter has sold 55 items and is still at it to help out the school as much as he can. He is one of many students to participate in the fundraiser, but there are also many other students and DHS supporters looking to help.

By Maggie Duly

Click here for more Century Rich fundraising information.

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