Nutty New Research: doctors’ advice on allergen exposure takes a turn

For years, doctors have been advising parents to avoid early exposure of their children to common allergens, most notably peanut products. However, a recent study released by the New England Journal of Medicine is making many medical professionals question that stance. This study showed that in infants with a high risk for peanut allergies, consuming peanut products as babies can reduce the risk of allergy development by up to 80 percent.

The implications of this study have the potential to be life-changing for people at risk for suffering nut allergies. Senior Campbell Bortel knows all too well the struggles that living with this allergy can cause.

“Especially whenever there are desserts, I have to be really careful about asking the person who made it if there are any peanut products in it and reading labels on everything,” Bortel said.

Bortel experienced a reaction to peanuts the very first time he came in contact with them, and so has some skepticism about whether early exposure can actually prevent allergies from developing. However, he does think early exposure can have some benefit.

“I think the earlier you know a child has an allergy, the better so that you can avoid those foods in the future,” Bortel said.

To learn more about this research, read the CNN article here.

By Rachel Reardon

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