Leonardo da Vinci exhibit spreads inspiration to the students of DHS

From Italy to Midland, Mich., Leonardo da Vinci’s individual creativity travels to teach students about his life and creations. From Jan. 24 – May 17, 2015, the Leonardo da Vinci: Man-Inventor-Artist-Genius exhibit is being presented at the MCFTA. The exhibit shows off many interactions with da Vinci’s inventions and masterpieces.

“Many of his inventions were already constructed in little models and were fun to play with and we got to see how they work,” freshman Jacob Pasek said.

Freshmen from Outinen’s world history class received extra credit for taking a journey through da Vinci’s life and art through the exhibit. The students were taught information in class about da Vinci exhibition’s showcases’ additionally knowledge. With a “time wall” on da Vinci’s life, computer stations, and much more the viewer truly gets to understand da Vinci’s work.

“[Da Vinci] had many new discoveries that we still use today,” Pasek said. “They are very inspirational and fun to learn about.”

The exhibit is a first and only opportunity in Midland that cannot be seen anywhere else but at the MCFTA. Leonardo da Vinci: Man-Inventor-Artist-Genius is another inspiring showcase of creativity that the MCFTA continue to organize for DHS students and citizens of Midland.

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By Madeleine Futter

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