Capturing life through a lens: Photography club

Photography Club has around 10-15 members and meets Wednesdays after 7th hour in English teacher Sarah Hechlik’s room for about 15 minutes. They also talk on Facebook to discuss meeting times and where they are going to take pictures. The club’s want students to try something new, or to have the students become more familiar with cameras and photography. They teach the basics about a camera and they teach what kind of photos to take. They do not necessarily provide cameras, but some of the members may have extras.

“[Photography club wants to bring] adventure, new places and bring interest in new photographers,” senior Cambell Bortel said.

The main idea of the club is to improve skills and learn more about photography. Senior Christi Wohlford wanted to create a club that helps students to express their passion for photography.

“The goal for this club is to have better experiences,” Senior Christi Wohlford.

By Kenadee Torres

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Kenadee Torres

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